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This story was told to the best of my ability at the Moth in Philadelphia (meaning it came out very differently than planned). After college, with an acute fear of cubicles and the hope of traveling the world, I took a job as a small ship cruise director.  I knew that if I stuck with it I would see Alaska, Central America, the Caribbean and beyond.  I didn’t realize that the journey would be with boat loads of… Read More

A week after I returned from Haida Gwaii, British Columbia I found wood shavings on the floor of my Brooklyn apartment.  Ok, my wife found them. I put them there. I had been teaching myself to carve while she ran errands. “What in the world are you doing?” she asked. “I’m whittling.” “Whittling?” “Yeah, whittling. I’m teaching myself to carve like the guys in Haida Gwaii.” I took another notch out of the wood in… Read More

My project documenting just an initial piece of Philadelphia’s Italian Market culminated with the following article, published on March 16th in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  So thankful to them for running with it. Their Home in the Immigrant Village by Marc Cappelletti A light snow is falling on the green awnings of Philadelphia’s Ninth Street  Market. It’s a fleeting snow, melting almost as soon as it lands. Still, I  marvel. It brings to mind… Read More