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From my first weekend at the Jersey Shore.  Stone Harbor and Avalon.  It was brisk and quiet, but not without its surprises.  Like this flock of migrating brant geese that stood at the water’s edge for a half hour before taking flight en masse.   Then they were gone.  And it was once again me, the beach and the ocean.  Not a bad way to start the day.

My project documenting just an initial piece of Philadelphia’s Italian Market culminated with the following article, published on March 16th in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  So thankful to them for running with it. Their Home in the Immigrant Village by Marc Cappelletti A light snow is falling on the green awnings of Philadelphia’s Ninth Street  Market. It’s a fleeting snow, melting almost as soon as it lands. Still, I  marvel. It brings to mind… Read More

Facing south on 9th Street, the market is the largest and oldest working open air market in the United States.

Yes, the old landscape in a glass trick.  Only with my technique, you drink all of the wine first, then fill the glass with water.  The shot comes out clearer and you’ll be happier with it, whether it’s a good shot or not. Like the shots? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @marcexplores