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Pike place market sign produce

What is that font?  Honestly.  The sign for Seattle’s Pike Place Market is perhaps the most iconic in the Pacific Northwest (the country?).  It is so strikingly simple.  If were any more complex, more of-the-moment-chic, snazzy, I suppose people would have tired of it long ago.

bear encounter in Alaska

My travel year began with a voyage to Costa Rica and Panama aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, a 62-guest ship that hits the hot spots of the two countries but also gets “out there,” to places like Isla Coiba, the Islets in the Gulf of Panama, and hidden beaches and trails on the Osa Peninsula. There is no better way to explore Costa Rica and Panama than from the water in. Unlike… Read More

Manhattan Bridge

It’s OK, Williamsburg Bridge — being the workhorse of the East River, longer than the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, with an unobstructed skyline view of Manhattan, yet standing wholly unloved by the masses understandably weighs on your cables.  You were the second longest bridge in the world when you were built, the first to have steel piers.  I get it, people should remember that.   And you’re tireless–carrying traffic, pedestrians, and the J, M, and… Read More

There were just too many interesting nuggets, too many compelling sites.  I had to put them online.  I Spy NYC.  That was the name and that was the blog.  Sometimes people encouraged me by hitting the like button and leaving a comment on posts that they liked.  Sometimes the site would go a day or two without a visitor.  Nevertheless, I checked the site stats every 15 minutes every day, sometimes more often.  On a few… Read More