Marc Explores


It was great to see my fellow city dwellers out last night and enjoying the newly-opened Dilworth Park (formerly Dilworth Plaza).  The patch of prime real estate has been under construction for the last two years (and there is still plenty of work to go), so it was begging to be appreciated.  During the day the fountains are going, the café is open and the place is buzzing.  But at night the place is peaceful. … Read More

Yes, the old landscape in a glass trick.  Only with my technique, you drink all of the wine first, then fill the glass with water.  The shot comes out clearer and you’ll be happier with it, whether it’s a good shot or not. Like the shots? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @marcexplores

If you’re out to shoot, or just see Philadelphia’s City Hall you should wait until it gets a little dark out and set up shop on Broad Street.  What you have is a nicely lit street with changing colors, cars going by on either side, and of course the focal point of City Hall to the north.  (Do I have to say, be careful and watch for traffic?) You’ll find this shot (or… Read More