Marc Explores


For such a vibrant city, I have to admit, I mostly like shooting Philly in black and white.  Mostly.  I’m sure I’ll have another post soon about capturing the city’s true colors.  But for now, here are a few examples of why black and white works so well in Philly. (It will also give away my fixation with a certain building and statue.)   Black and white can make Philly’s gritty spots stand out.  It amplifies timeless (or… Read More

It was great to see my fellow city dwellers out last night and enjoying the newly-opened Dilworth Park (formerly Dilworth Plaza).  The patch of prime real estate has been under construction for the last two years (and there is still plenty of work to go), so it was begging to be appreciated.  During the day the fountains are going, the café is open and the place is buzzing.  But at night the place is peaceful. … Read More

My project documenting just an initial piece of Philadelphia’s Italian Market culminated with the following article, published on March 16th in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  So thankful to them for running with it. Their Home in the Immigrant Village by Marc Cappelletti A light snow is falling on the green awnings of Philadelphia’s Ninth Street  Market. It’s a fleeting snow, melting almost as soon as it lands. Still, I  marvel. It brings to mind… Read More