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Amidst the chaos that is Penn Station and the subway below, I was shocked to see a platform void of people, except for this single shopkeeper, quietly writing in a notepad.  I quickly snapped this shot before moving through the mob of people behind me and swiftly leaving the station.  Now, I look at it and I don’t hear the screeching trains and chattering crowds.  My muscles don’t tighten from the anxious buzz of the city.  I see a… Read More

New York City, Manhattan skyline

Brooklyn Waterfront, July 4, 2013–Tripod set, camera on and adjusted for a long exposure. The image in my head was one of the Manahattan skyline lit up by fireworks exploding overhead and cascading down on the city like a veil of light.  It would be a turned into a postcard bought in bulk and screen printed onto t-shirts and sold at the Brooklyn Flea.  Sadly, the fireworks don’t go that high, so… Read More

Nets Fans

For the first time in a lifetime of attending live sporting events, stadium traffic was a non issue.  In fact, the five block walk from my apartment in Fort Greene to the Barclays Center to watch the Brooklyn Nets take on the Indiana Pacers was a much anticipated joy.

A black Lincoln Town Car sped away from New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn as Hurricane Sandy raged.  Disoriented and delirious, I was in the back seat of the car on the verge of throwing up with each jerk of the wheel.  Morphine will do that do you.  On the radio, the dispatcher called, “Pickup at Prospect and 2nd. Any drivers?  Anyone? Prospect and 2nd?”  No one responded.  “Are any drivers… Read More