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New York SKyline EMpire state building

Manhattan — The sky, the weather, the color and clarity of light, each change by the second. New buildings rise and old buildings fall. But for those photographing the iconic skyline, the greatest variations come from behind the camera — from emotions born within, formed by our relationship with the city and then recast, consciously or not, in megapixels that reflect our momentary disposition. The result is not always rosy–it is New York.

There were just too many interesting nuggets, too many compelling sites.  I had to put them online.  I Spy NYC.  That was the name and that was the blog.  Sometimes people encouraged me by hitting the like button and leaving a comment on posts that they liked.  Sometimes the site would go a day or two without a visitor.  Nevertheless, I checked the site stats every 15 minutes every day, sometimes more often.  On a few… Read More

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The pilot announced, “Uh, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve pretty much been given the best flight pattern you can get down and around Manhattan and into LaGuardia.  You’re going to want to look out your window for this.”  Thanks to @aircanada for one sweet flight.