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Call it the result of climate change, call it what you will; a polar bear and penguin were recently seen on the last bit of snow in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Eyewitnesses say that the polar bear and penguin stayed in the park until late in the evening, then went to the Field House on Filbert Street where they watched the Philadelphia Eagles destroy the Chicago Bears, 54-11.

New York City Chinese New Year Photos

Is this a newly discovered Jackson Pollock painting? Not exactly. It’s the street after the Chinese New Year Parade in New York City. The parade is a fantastic, chaotic and colorful celebration that should be experienced, at least once, for a little bit — at least until the claustrophobia takes over.  Here are a few shots from Chinatown and a previous Chinese New Year.

There were just too many interesting nuggets, too many compelling sites.  I had to put them online.  I Spy NYC.  That was the name and that was the blog.  Sometimes people encouraged me by hitting the like button and leaving a comment on posts that they liked.  Sometimes the site would go a day or two without a visitor.  Nevertheless, I checked the site stats every 15 minutes every day, sometimes more often.  On a few… Read More