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Stone Harbor new jersey, NJ, new jersey beaches, water, ocean

From my first weekend at the Jersey Shore.  Stone Harbor and Avalon.  It was brisk and quiet, but not without its surprises.  Like this flock of migrating brant geese that stood at the water’s edge for a half hour before taking flight en masse.   Then they were gone.  And it was once again me, the beach and the ocean.  Not a bad way to start the day.

Jersey Shore Storm photo

“Not a cloud in the sky” is an all too easy measure of perfect weather, especially if you’re at the beach.  Double especially if you are on vacation, when just a drop of rain feels like a personal punishment from God.  But the phrase is also just a catchy alternative for describing the plain, flat, static upper half of your world.  What happens when those dreadful clouds roll in?