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  Go through all of the photos you took this year. Print your favorite 10 shots.  Don’t keep your photos trapped on your phone.  Surround yourself by them.  Try them in a few different sizes, different frames, have them printed on canvas or metal. Or, if you’re feeling like getting your hands into something, try doing an inkjet transfer on wood. Give your photos to the people in them. Go out and… Read More

Baja California Impressionist sunset sky blue

Of all the photos I took during a weeklong trip to Baja California and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, this one brings back the most memories.  Not memories, but feelings. I took four hundred shots of dolphins leaping in the mid day sun; scenes so crisp you can see individual beads of water running down the sides of their sleek, gray bodies.  You can see into the blacks of their eyes.  There are also colorful landscapes, dramatic sunlit vistas… Read More

mexican dancers la paz baja california

As published on the Huffington Post, 1.25.13. LA PAZ, Baja California Sur — With a whirl and a smile, the dance begins. Much like the colorful courtship performance of a bird of paradise, the jarabe tapatio, the quintessential folk dance of Mexico, is a captivating display of form and flow.

Common Dolphins Sea of Cortez

Coming upon a dolphin in the wild is thrilling beyond words.  But as we see with the dolphin stampede video out of Dana Point, California, coming upon a thousand dolphins can spark a viral tidal wave of excitement among people who didn’t even get wet.  That’s the power of truly inspiring wildlife.