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Bald Eagle of Campobello Island

They came with an appetite.  Bald eagles, once calmly perched atop the spruce trees that line Campobello Island’s rocky coast, now dive bombed seagulls and pushed aside cormorants until they and they alone could claw the fish on the water’s surface.  And they clawed like hell.

Costa Rica Capuchin Monkeys

Monkeys.  What is more adorable than a little white-faced capuchin monkey?  I mean, really.  Resting on tree branches, soaking up the shade, lazily grooming his fellow equally-adorable friends and family. Capuchins radiate personality.  And they are so playfully sweet.  There is no way they could ever become aggressive or hostile.  No way at all…

Fernandina Island, Galapagos

I just read that Jane Austen is replacing Charles Darwin on the 10-pound bill, which brought to mind the Galapagos Islands.  This is the scene when you take your first steps on Fernandina Island, and absolutely pristine place. Watch your step!

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Many of the world’s special places have been coined “The Galápagos of the (fill in the blank).”  It never made sense to me.  The Swan Islands are the Galápagos of the Caribbean. Haida Gwaii is the Galápagos of the north.  The islands in the Sea of Cortez are Mexico’s Galápagos.  It’s like saying that Paris is the New York of France. Having never been to Galápagos, however, I jumped at the chance to see what all the fuss was about.  And… Read More