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  Go through all of the photos you took this year. Print your favorite 10 shots.  Don’t keep your photos trapped on your phone.  Surround yourself by them.  Try them in a few different sizes, different frames, have them printed on canvas or metal. Or, if you’re feeling like getting your hands into something, try doing an inkjet transfer on wood. Give your photos to the people in them. Go out and… Read More

Passing by New Eddystone Rock in Misty Fiords National Monument, Alaska, I am reminded of the turmoil that shaped this land. Sometime in, oh, the last 5 million years, this formation, basalt, came to be because fractures in the floor of the Behm Canal allowed molten lava to rise.  Like the formation of the Hawaiian Islands to the west, over time the cooled lava formed a land mass.  Only here, that land mass was… Read More

“…when you realize that your reason for taking the journey and the reason for the journey are not the same.”

Sea Otter

As published in the Huffington Post, December 25, 2012. Most people come to Alaska for the whales, the bears and the bald eagles. And rightly so! These majestic creatures are the stuff of legends, the “heavy hitters” that have drawn the curious vacationer and the bold adventurer since the time of square-rigged ships and scurvy. But, once you’re here, chances are that you’ll be just as captivated by smaller, unheralded creatures that you… Read More