Coming upon a dolphin in the wild is thrilling beyond words.  But as we see with the dolphin stampede video out of Dana Point, California, coming upon a thousand dolphins can spark a viral tidal wave of excitement among people who didn’t even get wet.  That’s the power of truly inspiring wildlife.

Photography and musings on a state slogan. Life should be appreciated. Life should be lived without any scraps left on the table.

My travel year began with a voyage to Costa Rica and Panama aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, a 62-guest ship that hits the hot spots of the two countries but also gets “out there,” to places like Isla Coiba, the Islets in the Gulf of Panama, and hidden beaches and trails on the Osa Peninsula. There is no better way to explore Costa Rica and Panama than from the water in. Unlike… Read More

It’s OK, Williamsburg Bridge — being the workhorse of the East River, longer than the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, with an unobstructed skyline view of Manhattan, yet standing wholly unloved by the masses understandably weighs on your cables.  You were the second longest bridge in the world when you were built, the first to have steel piers.  I get it, people should remember that.   And you’re tireless–carrying traffic, pedestrians, and the J, M, and… Read More