We hadn’t even unzipped our bags in the hotel room when there was a knock at the door.  An excited maid burst in pushing a cart topped with fruits and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. “Happy honeydays!” she exclaimed. Our honeymoon in Croatia was off to a fantastic start.

As published on the Huffington Post, 1.25.13. LA PAZ, Baja California Sur — With a whirl and a smile, the dance begins. Much like the colorful courtship performance of a bird of paradise, the jarabe tapatio, the quintessential folk dance of Mexico, is a captivating display of form and flow.

What is that font?  Honestly.  The sign for Seattle’s Pike Place Market is perhaps the most iconic in the Pacific Northwest (the country?).  It is so strikingly simple.  If were any more complex, more of-the-moment-chic, snazzy, I suppose people would have tired of it long ago.

For the first time in a lifetime of attending live sporting events, stadium traffic was a non issue.  In fact, the five block walk from my apartment in Fort Greene to the Barclays Center to watch the Brooklyn Nets take on the Indiana Pacers was a much anticipated joy.