A Photo Tour of Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Town10 MILES and 100 years.  That’s how far away Monhegan Island feels from the coast of Maine. In summer, you’re guaranteed to find the rocky coastline dotted with easels and painters squinting at their ideal view. There are a few lobster spots (of course), homespun gift shops, a pizza place and a little more than 12 miles of trails. If you’re looking for an overnight, you’ll find the 32-room Island Inn just up the hill from the dock. The original section of the building dates back to 1814. There are also a few B&Bs and AirBnBs as well.

If you visit in winter, well, you’ll find lots of propane tanks doing their darndest to keep the 60 or so year round residents warm.DSC_7250


A slice of island life.



Thirsty from all that hiking and painting?  Just up the hill from the boat landing and at the confluence of two main trail routes, Monhegan Brewing Company serves up some delicious brews.

Monhegan Brewing Company

The wreck of the DT Sheridan at Lobster Cove.





For more information on Monhegan: http://monheganwelcome.com/natural-attractions/

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