Year End Photo Happiness Project


  1. Go through all of the photos you took this year.
  2. Print your favorite 10 shots.  Don’t keep your photos trapped on your phone.  Surround yourself by them.  Try them in a few different sizes, different frames, have them printed on canvas or metal. Or, if you’re feeling like getting your hands into something, try doing an inkjet transfer on wood.
  3. Give your photos to the people in them.
  4. Go out and shoot for 2015!  And listen to Kid President : Less Selfies, More Other-Peoplies .

Here are my top 10 from the year that was.


A skater shows off as couples take photos in LOVE Park, Philadelphia.



A foggy morning in Falmouth, Maine.


My wife strolling the rocky shores of Maine.


Early morning on a dock in Maine.

Early morning on a dock in Maine.



The view from Toronto International Airport.


Rainy morning in Petersburg, Alaska



An otherworldly walk at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center, Juneau, Alaska.


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Sunrise down the shore. Avalon, New Jersey

The blue hour, Lake Damariscotta, Maine.

The blue hour, Lake Damariscotta, Maine.


Downtown Manhattan as seen from the rooftop of Lindblad Expeditions’ office in the West Village.

Bonus shot from Bora Bora.


Bora Bora, the place that sparked my entry into the travel industry.



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