Philadelphia: Best shot in Black and White?

For such a vibrant city, I have to admit, I mostly like shooting Philly in black and white.  Mostly.  I’m sure I’ll have another post soon about capturing the city’s true colors.  But for now, here are a few examples of why black and white works so well in Philly. (It will also give away my fixation with a certain building and statue.)

DSC_8147  DSC_0770

Black and white can make Philly’s gritty spots stand out.  It amplifies timeless (or centuries-old) subjects.


Sometimes there really is black, white, and barely anything in between.


Other views are more muted, but strong on pattern.

DSC_1364  DSC_8125

Sometimes the city feels crisp and cosmopolitan.  Other times moody and wild.


And the variety of architecture so compacted in Center City allows for all gradations of black and white in one frame.


Of course, no matter how much you enjoy black and white, sometimes a splash of color doesn’t hurt.

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