A 9th Street Photo Walk: Philadelphia’s Italian Market, Pt. 1


Facing south on 9th Street, the market is the largest and oldest working open air market in the United States.


Once a cobble stone street, a paved 9th Street makes way for cars.


Ralph’s Restaurant: A staple on the scene since 1900. (And now on Twitter!)


If you want bread, go to Sarcone’s.  That’s it.  Just go.


Former Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo still overlooks the market.


Cappuccio’s Meats, since 1920.  Manager Domenic’s grandparents met when his grandfather was hired by his grandmother’s family to sell produce from their cart on 9th Street.  The couple bought this building, and hosted their wedding reception inside before turning it into a butcher and meat shop.  Domenic’s mother was born upstairs and can still be seen working the shop from time to time.

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Esposito’s, since 1911.  Named one of the top butchers in the country by the Travel Network. Need I say more?

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The big name in Italian specialty stores, Di Bruno Bros has been around since 1939 and employees still rock the old school flat wool caps.




D’Angelo’s Meats, since 1910.  If you are thinking of cooking up a nice guinea hen, antelope, yak or snow grouse for dinner tonight then stop by this shop.  No one knows meats (exotic and otherwise) like Sonny D’Angelo.


Cannuli’s Quality Meats and Poultry, since 1927.  While you can come to Cannuli’s to satisfy most of your carnivorous cravings (for ostrich see D’Angelo’s), this is the spot for whole roasted pigs.  Three generations of the family work in the shop, including Charles Sr (above), closing up shop like he does most days and has for decades.




Slow day at the office.

Part 2 of the photo tour coming soon.

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  1. Welcome home ! The Big Apple has nothing on Philadelphia. Glad you saw the light…..

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