Water, the Master Watercolorist


It was like watching the flickering flame of a camp fire.  Every second brought something new, interesting and unexpected.  It drew me in, and entertained me in the simplest way.  Time passed unchecked.


imagesCA8Q84POThe ever-changing art show took place beside a dock in Skidegate on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia–an industrial ferry dock in fact.  The reds and blacks are from a painted wooden railing that ran the length of the dock.  It is a strangely appropriate palate, as Haida artwork is dominated by black and red and is “traditional” form line design.  It is created to tell the story of the land, the animals, mythic creatures, and man’s relationship to all of it.  No right angles.  Shapes inside of other shapes.  This water-born version is Haida meets Dali.  Maybe even Pollock at times.


Among the gorgeous mountains and forests of Haida Gwaii this little show was nothing.  But it was one more unexpected and beautiful surprise among the many that I found here, and I was thoroughly entertained.  Where Haida Gwaii is might be a surprise to you, so here: check it out.  http://www.gohaidagwaii.ca/  You’ll be entertained as well.


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