Blue Skies Are Boring. Bring on the Clouds.

Jersey Shore Storm photo

Jersey shore beach photo

“Not a cloud in the sky” is an all too easy measure of perfect weather, especially if you’re at the beach.  Double especially if you are on vacation, when just a drop of rain feels like a personal punishment from God.  But the phrase is also just a catchy alternative for describing the plain, flat, static upper half of your world.  What happens when those dreadful clouds roll in?

Jersey Shore Storm photo

Something quite beautiful!  Clouds give us contrast, shapes, texture, depth–all the interesting components typically present in compelling visuals.  In a flash (sometimes literally) they provide intrigue.  They stir us from our seats, force us to set the James Patterson beach read in the sand and take note of just how fascinating our world is.  We feel the air change, the temperature drops, and we are awake once more.  We ponder the skies, rolling and brooding, and wonder what will happen next (more earnestly than with the plot of that trashy thriller. It’s always the seemingly perfect guy who did it).  And we anticipate.  We interact with the environment.

jersey shore photo beach clouds

So, looming clouds may make for a boring day as a lifeguard.  That is true.  But if there are no swimmers in the water I imagine they would want something interesting to look at instead of a stark horizon and flat seas.  Even they may fall under the spell that I am now under, wishing for beautiful cloud formations to clear away the dullness of the plain blue skies.

jersey shore lifeguards storm

Besides, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to capture that “perfect,” cloudless sky and sunset in a glass, hold it above the horizon and cherish it forever.  But of course, who’s to stop you from trying…

sunset in a beer

(all photos taken with my trusty iPhone.)

2 Comments on “Blue Skies Are Boring. Bring on the Clouds.

  1. Hi Marc, loved your musings and fabulous pictures of clouds. I too share your love of the endless varieties and possibilities of clouds.

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