The Farm Road

In between Aspen and the rest of America I found a road that led to a farm that led to horses and hills and snow and trees. The road curved often, weaving through the wild landscape. The hills turned to mountains. I drove slowly, the radio turned off, observing the scenery in silence. My body rocked with the weaving of the road and soon the thoughts of where I had come from and what I had come to find had left me. All I knew was that I was driving down a lonely farm road, that I hadn’t yet reached the end, and that was fine with me.

2 Comments on “The Farm Road

  1. I love your presentation of this. When you are on a journey, you never know what is around the next corner…

  2. I love how you are describing something that a lot of us have experienced and hardly thought to write about. Your presentation of that road and your journey on it are beautiful.

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