Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Pike place market sign produce

Seattle Pike Place Market Sign

What is that font?  Honestly.  The sign for Seattle’s Pike Place Market is perhaps the most iconic in the Pacific Northwest (the country?).  It is so strikingly simple.  If were any more complex, more of-the-moment-chic, snazzy, I suppose people would have tired of it long ago.

And what are you first greeted by in this world renowned fish market?  A pig.  Her name is Rachel.  She is a fully functioning piggy bank that has reportedly brought in over $100,000 in coins of all currencies.

Seattle Pike Place Market Pig

Of course there is the fish. One of my favorite bites in here is the salmon sandwich at Market Grill with a small cup of clam chowder.  Super good and fresh.  The halibut is nice too.

Seattle Pike Place Market Lunch

Seattle pike Place Market Fish

I’m always holed up in a hotel when I’m in Seattle, working with the great folks at Lindblad Expedition’s downtown office (Kimpton Vintage Park is a great hotel, by the way and has free bike rentals.), so I never have the chance to buy some of the beautiful fish and crab that the market is known for.  But, whatever you’re into, it’s here and it’s fresh.

Seattle Pike Place Market Fish

I recommend visiting the market early, as the merchants are readying their stalls and as deliveries are coming in.  Boost the ISO on your camera and capture some of the morning mood.


Some might be surprised that the popular “fish market” is actually the best spot in the city for fresh produce as well.  I can’t vouch for all of the fruits and veggies, but the Washington apples (jazz, honeycrisp, etc) are out of this world.

Seattle Pike Place Market Fruit Apples

But, once again, it’s the sign that captivates most.

Seattle Pike Place Market Sign

Pike place market sign produce

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