Dolphin’s-eye View of a Stampede

Common Dolphins Sea of Cortez

Common Dolphins Sea of Cortez

Coming upon a dolphin in the wild is thrilling beyond words.  But as we see with the dolphin stampede video out of Dana Point, California, coming upon a thousand dolphins can spark a viral tidal wave of excitement among people who didn’t even get wet.  That’s the power of truly inspiring wildlife.

In Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, what Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World,” you have the chance to sail among hundreds or even thousands of common dolphins. These rich seas are prime cetacean territory, arguably the best in the world for the variety and number of species. And the excitement you will feel is anything but common.

This video was taken aboard a Zodiac near San Pedro Martir Island during an incredible expedition with Lindblad Expeditions.  And it shows what it’s like to be INSIDE a dolphin stampede.  There were easily a thousand dolphins in this superpod.  We were also surrounded by thousands of birds and in the distance, we’d soon find out, a pod of sperm whales were lumbering along.

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