2013 Travel Industry Predictions

2013 travel industry predictions

Although still in its infancy, 2013 is already proving to be an interesting year for the travel industry.  Here are a few predictions for trends and events to watch for in the coming months.

10. Airlines will start charging a fee to pilots for “what is clearly the best seat on the plane.”

9. Car Rental Agencies will offer customers the option to buy cars for a daily rate and then return them when they don’t need them anymore.

8. The Travelocity gnome will trade beard for clean shaven look to appeal to younger female gnome travelers.

7. Self conscious about their size, double decker busses will try to slim down to single decker size before summer.

6. Area man at Philadelphia Airport will be tasered by security while celebrating the successful sneak through of a full Kiwi Strawberry Snapple bottle.

5. Something that happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas, and will change the fate of one Burmese village forever.

4. Marriott Hotels will give discounts to guests who promise to clean their own rooms. But if they don’t clean, they don’t get desert.

3. On the verge of bankruptcy, a large cruise ship company will cut back All-You-Can-Eat-Buffets to Free Napkin Night.

2. Train travel will increase by 400% when Amtrak announces to Brooklyn hipsters that they’re coming out with this cool new train that you’ve probably never heard of.

And the #1 travel industry trend of 2013…

TSA agents will grow tired of pat downs and go right to frenching.

Bah-dum, ching!  I’ll be here all year.

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