The Best of I Spy NYC

There were just too many interesting nuggets, too many compelling sites.  I had to put them online.  I Spy NYC.  That was the name and that was the blog.  Sometimes people encouraged me by hitting the like button and leaving a comment on posts that they liked.  Sometimes the site would go a day or two without a visitor.  Nevertheless, I checked the site stats every 15 minutes every day, sometimes more often.  On a few occassions I received hits by the hundreds and I was certain that blog stardom was only a few clicks away. But, blog stardom never came.  I never Haz’d Cheezburgers.  No one ever gawked at me.  Nothing I did was mashable.  Sometimes it wasn’t even passable.  No one mistook me for a Fashionista and I never captured a Fail or spread celebrity gossip to TMZ.  My personal blog remained…a personal blog.

While I never made a dime off of I Spy NYC, and the Webbies never emailed, it did help me see the city in a rich and focused way.  Committing to the blog pushed my exploration of the city much further than if I had shot only when I felt like it.  My eyes were open, even when it was 5am and the sun hadn’t yet peeked over the rooftops of Queens.  I looked around corners and sometimes into sewers.  This is what I found. The best photos from I Spy NYC.

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